Your Knees NEED Protein! - Squat Wedgiez
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Your Knees NEED Protein!

Are you ready to discover the incredible connection between protein, knee health, and muscle building? 

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What Is The Best Angle For A Squat Wedge or Slant Board?

When choosing a squat wedge or slant board, you want to pick one that allows you to elevate your whole foot between 5-20 because this will improve your squat depth and shift the tension from your l...

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15 Easy, High Protein Recipes For Healthier Knees

Consuming an adequate amount of protein is essential for maintaining healthy knees and preventing potential knee-related complications. Proteins are the primary components of connective tissues, in...

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Reduce Back Pain With A Wedgie

I stared at myself in the mirror with 315 pounds on my back. Four reps down, one to go. I took a deep breath and squatted until my butt went below my knees. I got to the bottom and pushed through t...